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Choose Your State of Mind: Meditation, Relaxation, Creativity, Healing, or Sleep
av Jeffrey Thompson
We all experience many states of consciousness, from ordinary waking and sleeping to extraordinary states in which we are more at peace, particularly aware, or exceptionally creative.  
Each of these states is associated with a particular pattern of brainwave activity.Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has been experimenting with sound and brainwaves scientifically since 1980, developing innovative techniques for embedding brainwave audio pulses into musical soundtracks. After a few minutes of listening, your own brainwaves naturally “lock” onto the inaudible pulses, and lead you easily into the state of mind you choose.

Music to Change Your Brain uses clinically proven audio technology to help you experience:

    Relaxation (Alpha Waves)—relax your body, quiet your mind, and renew your spirit.
    Healing (Mixed Waves with Delta Peaks)—tap into your own natural source of healing and rejuvenation.
    Creativity (Theta Waves)—spark insight and vision, and discover new realms of creativity.
    Awakening (Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta Waves)—explore your potential as you open up to higher states of consciousness.
    Meditation (Gamma Waves)—experience expanded awareness and deep meditative states. 10:06 min.
    Sleep (Delta Waves)—Fall asleep easily and naturally, and wake up refreshed.CD 60 minuter. Finns i lager.

Pris: 129 Kr
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